3-Layer Face Mask Manufacturers

3-Layer Face Mask

3-Layer Face Mask

Quantity: 50 pcs
Density g/m²: 54 -60
Pack material: plastic bag
Performance characteristics: EN 1483 TYPE IIR Standard
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE),%: ≥ 98%
Delta P (mmH20/cm²) / (Pa/cm²): < 49.00
Synthetic blood / Splash resistance
Penetration, (mmHg) / kPa: ≥16
Sub-micron Particulate Filtration
Efficiency (PFE), @0,1micron, %: Not required
Microbeal Cleanliness (CFU/g): ≤ 30CFU

Features and Benefits:
Protects Against Harmful Chemicals and Waste
Comfortable Fit with elastic band
3-layer design
Disposable and Sterile

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    We also OEM wholesale 3-Layer Face Mask for sale.

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