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Update:20 Oct 2021

  Many consumers want to know where China lives, just s […]

Many consumers want to know where China lives, just so they can order a high quality China NONWOVEN face mask. Many companies are happy to provide the location, but most will not be able to. This is simply because a China mask does not have a face mask attached to it like most masks do. They use this method to hide any possible flaws that might show when the consumer holds them in the hand.

When ordering a China mask from any company, be sure to get an accurate unit count. Sometimes when people order these items they are given the impression that they are getting a much cheaper deal than they expected when the truth is that the items are likely going to be of very poor quality. Look for clear pictures on the products page when trying to determine a good quality brand.

China has many factories, but they are made up primarily of just two companies. The two companies that make the bulk of the China masks are Huaili Industrial Trading Corporation and Ningbo Tianyu Industrial Corporation. China strictly limits the amount of companies that can be manufactured in one area, which severely reduces their options. To combat this problem, there are a few ways to save share and get a much better price on a mask.

If you live near one of the factories, there are two options to help you save some money. The first is to buy the masks at the factory outlet store for a lower price. While this option does get you a better price, you will not be able to order them as quickly as if you went to a supplier. The second, and most popular way, is to visit a company's website and look for "wide shipping discount", "save five dollars" or "free shipping" to your door.

These "manufacturer direct" prices are provided only to people that are personally invited to purchase from the factory outlet stores. If you are willing to go through a middleman, then this option will become a little more complicated. The main problem with this is that it takes up your valuable time, and it means you cannot personally check out all the different brands of masks. There is also the problem that it is very difficult to know whether the price you are quoted is an accurate one based on face measurements alone.

The easiest way to get a good deal on China masks is to use a China wholesaler. China wholesalers have access to the whole range of China face masks, and they know where to buy them at the lowest prices. They can quote prices for each individual company, and for bulk orders, they can offer an unbeatable package deal. So instead of worrying about prices at the factory outlet stores, and then buying your China masks at the wholesaler, take advantage of the huge discounts that China wholesalers offer.

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