A big analysis of the advantages of non-woven applications!

Update:20 May 2021

As a new type of environmentally friendly fabric, the a […]

As a new type of environmentally friendly fabric, the application of non-woven fabrics has become no longer unfamiliar. With the deepening of the development of its functions, the application fields of the fabric have become broader. So what are the advantages of non-woven fabrics in use?

1. Lightweight non-woven fabric
This is more obvious. Its lighter material makes it very convenient to use. Compared with ordinary cotton, its weight is only three-fifths of the former.

2. The non-woven fabric is safe to use
The production and processing of the fabric completely get rid of the dependence on some toxic chemical ingredients, and the related preparations used are very safe, will not cause any irritation to the skin, and there is no peculiar smell or toxicity. Therefore, there is no need to have any worries when using it.

3. Resistance to chemical agents
As far as its main raw material polypropylene is concerned, its resistance to chemical agents is relatively strong, so it has strong antibacterial and anti-corrosion capabilities in daily use, and will not weaken its own strength due to any corrosive factors. .

4. Has good antibacterial properties
This is also an advantageous feature of the fabric. There will be no mold in the daily storage, so as to achieve the purpose of isolating bacterial erosion.

5. Environmental protection
This is also one of the biggest features of the fabric, mainly because polypropylene fabric is used as the main material choice. Its chemical knowledge is very stable and can be degraded under natural conditions, which is much better than traditional plastic materials. , Will not cause any adverse effects on the environment.

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