Spunbond Non-Woven Factory

Update:08 Sep 2021

  Spunbond non-woven is a type of woven organic textile […]


Spunbond non-woven is a type of woven organic textile. Spunbond is produced by using wool yarn as its raw material. In general Spunbond yarns are spun on a loom after it is cut into pieces that have been woven on the looms. The pieces are spun together and then they are dyed in order to obtain the color that they are supposed to have.

Spunbond non-woven fabric has a fair price and high quality performance. It is highly dimensionally stable and has no lateral or vertical directionality. Spunbond production lines can be set up to obtain the fabric that is manufactured according to the specific requirements of each company. A company may order Spunbond nonwoven fabric in any possible colors.

The process of producing high quality and durable nonwoven fabrics is achieved by utilizing high quality materials that are produced and managed at Spunbond production lines. It requires a large number of employees in order to accomplish the task of producing high quality fabrics. To meet the end customers' demands, there are also a variety of colors offered by Spunbond non-woven factory that are available in a huge variety of patterns and styles.

Spunbond production uses various kinds of knitting processes for producing non-woven fabrics. It uses both cold and hot process in order to manufacture these materials. The process that is used is called the cross-linking and the hot lamination. The process of cross-linking involves heating the non-woven fiber with the help of a chemical substance and later joining them through the application of heat. This method is called as cross-linking and it helps in improving the characteristics of the fiber.

The hot lamination method is also used in Spunbond non-woven factory but it is used only for laminate rather than that of pure wool. However, it is much easier to manipulate the thickness of the laminate than that of pure wool. Spunbond fabric manufacturers have come up with innovative machines for producing these materials. They are capable of producing fine and thick spun yarns in a short time. All the Spunbond non-woven factory is based in New Zealand.

There are a variety of Spunbond collections in the market that is suitable for individuals who are looking for unique and high quality clothing items. They are available in various colors and sizes and can be ordered online. There are many online textile stores that offer a large number of spun bond non-woven fabrics along with a wide range of accessories. The manufacturers of this brand have set a standard of excellence in the production and design of non-woven fibers. Hence, the Spunbond brand has become immensely popular in the world of fashion industry.

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