How should dust-free paper be used?

Update:26 Mar 2021

Dust-free paper is made of long-fiber wood pulp as raw […]

Dust-free paper is made of long-fiber wood pulp as raw material, through fiber preparation, paper web forming, glue spraying, drying, sorting and other processes. In the whole production process, no water is used but air is used as a medium to form paper. Therefore, Called dry papermaking. The dust-free paper produced by dry papermaking technology has fine and soft texture, good hand feeling, soft structure, strong water absorption, and high wet strength. It can be directly immersed in water and used without leaving paper powder. It is refreshing and clean. Since the use of 100% natural fiber as raw material does not have any irritation to the skin, it has good applicability and is widely used in wet paper towels, paper towels, bath towels and kitchen papers in the world.
Compared with other dust-free consumables, dust-free paper has two main characteristics: From the raw material point of view, dust-free paper is mostly wood pulp fiber, and the relative production cost is lower. From a technical point of view, it uses air-laid technology to absorb The performance is guaranteed, and the reinforcement process mainly adopts two methods: chemical bonding and thermal bonding. According to the different reinforcement process, its raw materials and uses are different.
Chemically bonded dust-free paper is often used in semiconductor assembly, aviation manufacturing and maintenance, laboratories, electronics industry, computer assembly, optical instrument manufacturing, LCD liquid crystal display, precision instruments, optical products, aviation industry, and circuit board production lines and other precision Industry, the reason why it is suitable for industry is because of its excellent dust removal effect, anti-static function, high water absorption, softness and no damage to the surface of the object, suitable for precision operations.
Thermally bonded dust-free paper is suitable for building a dust-free and purifying environment. The full name is generally called microfiber dust-free paper. The edges of these products are sealed by advanced edge trimming machines, and will not leave particles and particles after wiping. Thread end, strong decontamination ability. This kind of dust-free paper generally adopts the method of fusion edge sealing on both sides and heat sealing on the other two sides, or fusion edge sealing on four sides, which can provide better edge protection, which will prevent the problem of chip dropping. A dust-free environment is more helpful.
Dust-free paper also has more civilians, such as anti-static dust-free paper, which is mostly used to wipe the surface of precision objects and is the most widely used wipe paper in the electronics industry. It has the characteristics of good wiping effect, high water absorption, softness and purity. The anti-static dust-free paper can effectively control the amount of static electricity, and can be used multiple times. It is economical and clean. It is a universal wipe for daily cleaning and household cleaning.

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