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Update:11 Aug 2021

If you want to stay healthy, use face masks as they are […]

If you want to stay healthy, use face masks as they are proven to help in preventing and reducing the effects of allergies and infections. If you would like to have a healthy lifestyle, you should take time in using skin care products that are safe and healthy for the skin. You may not know but your exposure to dust, dirt and microorganisms may cause you to become vulnerable to skin infections such as acne, moles, rashes and other skin disorders. A new reusable food grade HEPA air purifying face mask for individuals with allergy problems. One convenient step-by step, no fumes, no chemical ingredients, just clean air.

It is also known by its traditional name: Abdominal respirator. It was created by Dr. Zein E. el-Azhari to be used by hearers during surgical masks as a source of ventilation during a surgical procedure. Because it could not provide enough air flow, a hearer's throat would become swollen and cause difficulty in breathing. The membranes that line the nasal passage were damaged and the patient would begin to cough and wheeze. El-Azhari designed a medical device called the Abdominal Respirator that is worn as a face mask during surgical masks. Unlike the traditional disposable masks that require the use of a respirator, the disposable abdominal respirator can be worn by hearers even if they do not need to use a mask anymore.

Aside from surgical masks, this invention also has other uses. The Abdominal Respirator can prevent the spread of the Middle East respiratory virus called Middle East Respiratory Virus or MIRV. Abdominal masks made from this invention prevent coughs and sneezes and can even increase lung capacity.

China face masks also function as a nasal decongestant, humidifiers, sinus drops, and irrigation. It contains medicinal components like ginseng, licorice, wolfberry, and more. The droplets are filled with herbal medicine. Some of the medicinal properties of these herbs are anti-inflammatory, anti-cough, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-cancer. The droplets can also relieve pressure in the membranes of the nose and help prevent clogging of the nasal passage.

The main function of the Medical Treatment and Research Centre (MTRC) at China University is focused on drug discovery and development. MTRC conducts clinical trials on China face masks and other medicines to treat various diseases. Among the trials conducted our investigations on the effect of Laminar and Ultraviolet light on the ability of the mask to prevent the transmission of Middle East Respiratory Virus or MIRV. The study shows that the virus spreads through particles of the mask that are inhaled.

MTRC conducts an experiment on mice infected with the MIRV and the medical treatment and research centre studies on the protective effect of the medical treatment. The results show that the MIRV virus is unable to enter into the nasal cells through the use of the medical mask. Chinese scientists used the latest technology and created the perfect medical mask to combat the MIRV. The masks contain an active ingredient called CPC-2, which blocks the activation of the MIRV. The results of the research show that the new technology is able to arrest the progress of the MIRV and prevent it from spreading throughout the population.

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