Use and performance characteristics of airlaid paper

Update:22 May 2020

Who doesn't use paper in life and work? Do not! Therefo […]

Who doesn't use paper in life and work? Do not! Therefore, paper is very widely used in life, and there are many types of paper. We generally use a4 paper in napkins, offices, writing, etc., industrial dust-free wipes, etc., the types of paper vary greatly. The characteristics of different uses of paper are often different. In industry, especially in some precision industrial and machine maintenance processes, a special kind of paper is used. This is airlaid paper. So what is the use of airlaid paper?

The purpose, characteristics and performance of airlaid paper.

The airlaid paper is made of long-fiber wood pulp or non-woven material, which is economical, hygienic, and stable in quality. , And produce static electricity, can be used with solvents and other liquids, and specially designed for use in different environments, whether it is in the mechanical processing industry, mechanical equipment, products, tools, oil, water and other liquids for wiping or dust removal, there are different way. Non-woven products are made of wood fiber, airlaid paper is not easy to lose hair, it has good water absorption, and it is not easy to scratch the surface objects. It is mainly used for wiping precision objects on the surface. It has the characteristics of less dust, low residual ion, good wiping effect, and strong water storage capacity. This can also be seen that the airlaid paper market is also very large!

Dust-free erasing papers are widely used. In laboratories, laboratories, laboratories, clean rooms and other industries, glass instruments, instrument cleaning, wiping, oil, chemical reagents and other liquid wiping, electronics factories, electronics factories, instrument manufacturing, Cleaning, wiping, advertising ink wiping, screen cleaning and wiping in industries such as semiconductor assembly and computer assembly; maintenance of mechanical equipment in the food and pharmaceutical industries, table cleaning and wiping are essential for wiping materials, and airlaid paper are also Home cleaning wipe option. Therefore, airlaid paper is widely used in printing, electronics, machinery, motors, mold processing, automotive, aviation, petrochemical, laboratory, plastic, laboratory, laboratory, clean room, food, pharmaceutical and other fields. And other industries.

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