How often does the medical mask change? Teach you how to save masks in 1 minute!

Update:17 Jul 2020

How often does the medical mask change? Teach you how t […]

How often does the medical mask change? Teach you how to save masks in 1 minute!

Nowadays, mask resources are very tight all over the country. Many citizens have not been able to buy masks, or there are only a few masks left. So they want to use masks as sparingly as possible. So how often do medical masks change?

1. How often does the medical mask change

According to the current general standards, the disposable masks are used for 4-6 hours, and the effective duration of N95, KN95 and KF94 masks is generally 48 hours.

Generally, masks need to be replaced in time when they are used for a long time, because masks that are used for too long will be blocked by the surface of the mask or the ultra-fine particles block the gaps in the filter material of the mask, resulting in a decrease in filtration efficiency and an increase in respiratory resistance.

However, the resources of masks are in short supply, and for the majority of citizens, they try to isolate themselves at home as far as possible, and do not have contact with patients with epidemic conditions. Therefore, the duration of use of masks can be appropriately extended without having to change them so frequently.

Second, teach you how to save masks in 1 minute

If the individual or family member is alone and does not have contact with other people, it is not necessary to wear a mask. For example, at home isolation, and family members are out, especially not in the epidemic infected area, or in a closed private car, you can not wear a mask.

If you need to go out to a crowded place, such as taking a bus or subway, going to the office to work, shopping at the supermarket, wearing a disposable mask or disposable medical surgical mask, you may not need to bring a KN95 or N95 mask.

For ordinary citizens, even if they are not in contact with patients, even disposable masks can be hung in the window to ventilate and can be reused.

However, when the mask is damaged, the sealing is poor, and it is immersed in water, it must be replaced. In addition, once the medical protective mask is contaminated with blood or saliva, it must be replaced immediately.

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