Can pregnant women wear anti-smog masks when going out? Can pregnant mothers wear masks for a long time?

Update:24 Jul 2020

Severe smog may affect the development of the fetus, so […]

Severe smog may affect the development of the fetus, so pregnant women should take health care measures to deal with the smog. Pregnant women go out on a haze day.. The protective measure is to wear anti-haze masks, but wearing masks still has a lot of knowledge, pregnant mothers come and learn!

Do pregnant women wear anti-smog masks?

For pregnant women, it is important to avoid wearing KN95 and N95 masks for a long time. In the case of severe haze weather, it is advisable to choose to go out less. When you go out, as long as you choose the standard KN95 and N95 masks, they are all effective for preventing smog. KN95 and N95 mask breathing valves are in line with KN95 and N95 standards and have low breathing resistance.

Pregnant women are not suitable to wear 3M masks

1. Keep breathing smooth after pregnancy, so that the fetus has sufficient oxygen, which is conducive to its development. If it is not a job requirement, 3M masks are generally not recommended.

2. Wearing this kind of mask, breathing is not very smooth and easy to dizziness. If you want to wear it, it is recommended that you buy 8247 which is very good against organic gases. The better the dustproof effect, the more difficult the breathing. Experience it yourself!

3. Normal protective masks are tasteless. 3M is a big man in masks and should not make such a low-level mistake. The materials are non-woven products and have no effect on people.

4. It is recommended that you wear a medical mask. The smell of the disinfectant on the medical mask is not harmful to the human body, so it will not affect pregnant women. Don't take too long.

Can pregnant women wear anti-smog masks? Pregnant women have knowledge to wear masks. Can pregnant women always use a dust mask to deal with haze?

Dust masks cannot be circulated forever. If the mask has foreign objects such as blood stains or droplets; the mask is damaged; the filter cotton is already covered with dust particles; the respiratory resistance increases when the pregnant mother uses the mask; the pregnant mother smells peculiar smells when using the mask Situation, then it shows that pregnant mothers can replace the dust mask.

Can pregnant mothers wear masks for a long time?

Can pregnant women wear anti-smog masks? Yes, but masks for pregnant mothers should not be worn for a long time.

If you wear a mask for a long time, the nasal mucosa will become fragile and lose the original physiological function of the nasal cavity, so you cannot wear a mask for a long time. Pregnant mothers can use masks when they go out in places with many people and poor air circulation and encounter severe weather such as cold, sand and haze, but they should not be worn for a long time.

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to cleaning when wearing masks.

The outer layer of a mask often accumulates a lot of dust and bacteria in the outside air, while the inner layer blocks the exhaled bacteria and saliva. Therefore, the two sides cannot be used alternately. Therefore, when the mask is not worn, it should be folded and put into a clean envelope, and the side close to the nose and mouth should be folded inward. Do not put it in your pocket or hang it around your neck.

Can pregnant women wear anti-smog masks? Yes, when pregnant mothers wear masks, prepare several masks, which can be replaced, and should be changed and washed once a day. When washing, it should be scalded with boiling water for 5 minutes, and then gently scrubbed with hands. After washing with clean water, expose it to the sun. But the activated carbon filter and disposable do not need to be cleaned.

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